Saint Roch chapel
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Saint Roch chapel

Saint Roch chapel

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An opportunity to discover an exceptionally varied flora and some of the most beautiful views on the Pyrenees and the Montagne Noire.

Long before it became the "Village du Livre" (Book village), Montolieu was a small town living mainly from agriculture and later from industry. Catholicism was very much alive there, with the presence of the Abbey of Saint Jean de Mallast. This tour will allow you to discover the more hidden sides of the village, especially through the site of the Saint-Roch chapel, but also through its capitelles, these small dry-stone huts that were once used as shelters by shepherds, farmers and winegrowers.


Signs: Yellow markings

The start of the trail is in the lower part of the village, route de Fraisse-Cabardès just at the entrance of the parking lot at the level of the signpost.

Take the direction of the place called "L'Horte" along the cemetery.
Go up in the direction of the Saint-Roch chapel (lectern, cross, viewpoint on the village).

The path passes just below the chapel. You can reach it by a small picturesque path.  You will be able to appreciate the peaceful setting, the majestic trees and the stone benches.
Come down from the chapel and continue the progression on the path to discover the capitelles (drystone huts) on both sides.

The signs will guide you gently northwards in the middle of low vegetation and then gradually along the edge of the woods towards the west. When you arrive on the paved road, turn right then left at the intersection with the D148.

Go down towards the village and from the first loops, before crossing a bridge, go down on the left on a very old path.

It is quite steep for the first few metres, it winds through the "Combe Belle". Enjoy the beautiful section restored by a local resident.

At the end of the road, you will find the D148 which brings you back to the starting point.

  • Departure : MONTOLIEU - chemin de la chapelle St Roch car park
  • Arrival : MONTOLIEU - chemin de la chapelle St Roch car park
  • Towns crossed : Montolieu

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