The Sculptural Trail (Le Sentier Sculpturel)

The Sculptural Trail (Le Sentier Sculpturel)

Art trail
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Astonishing and enchanting, in the heart of the Corbières, Art and Nature meet. Here on a journey full of surprises and discoveries. In the summer of 1993, Mr BOZO, sculptor, presents thirty of his works in Mayronnes. The Town Hall acquires one of his works, the path becomes permanent. Now at the corner of an alley in the village of Mayronnes or at a detour from the path, new metal works, stone, clay, wood invite you to the daydream.

Several small streams in a majestic setting in the heart of the Corbières and the Val de Dagne… admire the many sculptures that guide your way.


Signs: Yellow markings

Park in the parking lot at the entrance of the village.

At the bottom of the parking lot on the right side, take the track leading to a small bridge over the Madourneille stream. Turn immediately to the right and 30m later to the right again and follow the stream.

At the crossroads, turn left and then left again, take an ascending path also borrowed by the GR36 hiking trail.

Join a wide track, take it to the left and follow it. It turns right then left, crosses a stream and climbs to a pass (viewpoint on the Corbières).

Leave the track and go down a path on the left. Cross a plateau then a gullied ground and continue on the track in the same direction until you reach the crossroads of the Serrat de la Bouzole. Go down on the left and follow an electric line. The path goes away from it and turns right to plunge into the forest. Leave a path going down to the left and continue straight on the main path.Ford under the power line.

At the level of an abandoned building, the path widens to become a track. Go around the ruin, ignore a track that goes down on the right to continue to a crossroads.

Turn left. After 200m, turn right towards a fenced vineyard. Go along it while going up in the bed of the brook. At the top of the vineyard, turn left onto a steep path. Climb natural steps in the rock and then go around a bush on the left. Once you find the path again, turn right and walk along a field.

Join a track and follow it downhill. At the bottom, at the crossroads of tracks, take the one on the right to reach the bridge. Then turn left on the small bridge for a return to the parking lot.

  • Departure : MAYRONNES – Parking lot at the entrance of the village
  • Arrival : MAYRONNES – Parking lot at the entrance of the village
  • Towns crossed : Mayronnes


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Beware of the heat, there is little shade, avoid hot hours and protect yourself from the sun (hat and sunscreen) and bring water (drinking water point at the parking).

During the hunting season (mid-August to mid-January), it is safer in the afternoon, as hunters may be on the trail in the morning.


Access and parking

Take the D3 from Trèbes, cross Monze and Pradelles-en-Val then the D114 and cross Serviès-en-Val, Rieux-en-Val, Caunettes-en-Val (D42) and join Mayronnes (D41).

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