From the footprints loop to the pilgrims passage

From the footprints loop to the pilgrims passage

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This loop offers a wide range of landscapes: plateau, cypresses, vines, plane trees, forest path, oaks, weeping willows and as a reward a beautiful view of the Montagne Noire !

On wet paths, in the undergrowth, at the bottom of an embankment, animal footprints are often visible...


Signs: Yellow

Start from the parking lot of the Town Hall.
In front of the sign, turn left and follow the signs.
At the level of the covered market, turn left.
At the fork, in the middle of the latter, a small building contains the communal well of 1788 called "Fontaine Grande", which, with the help of a wind turbine dating from 1899, supplied the village with water. Turn right and do the same at the next fork.
Always follow the tarred road that climbs up, lined with oaks, cypresses and acacias.

Once on the plateau, on the right, you will see a cypress hedge along a vineyard, at the end of which you can admire a beautiful alley of plane trees leading to the agricultural estate of "Barthe".
Then there is a junction with the forest road where we find plenty of oaks.

After crossing the stream, some weeping willows signal the beginning of the wood, inhabited by jays, buzzards and surely some nocturnal birds of prey that nest there.

By following the markings, the trail will take you through a succession of meandering hills and descents where tracks of wild boars are visible.
Along a cultivated field, entering the wood, after 50m/160ft, turn left where a long descent is waiting for you. At the farm of "Cantaloup", turn right and 200m/650ft further down, turn right again at a small calvary, going along a dirt track between the crops towards the farm of "Béteille".

In the village of Alairac, turn right on the road, pass the post office and after the communal hall (foyer) , turn right on the road to "Font Biello" (GR78).
At the level of the Jouvénes stream, discover the old fountain of the village of Alairac.
Going up 200m/650ft, in front of the small calvary, turn left, then pass in front of the domain of "Sévély". Just after, leave the road to take the stone path.

On your right, the "Rougeats" estate and in the background, a breath-taking view of the Montagne Noire. Going straight ahead, cut the tarred road as well as the cypress hedge.

At the end of the road, cross the small "stream of Saut", then the domain of the "Moulin de Madame" and there awaits you the square bell tower of the church of Arzens.

  • Departure : ARZENS - Townhall parking lot
  • Arrival : ARZENS - Townhall parking lot
  • Towns crossed : Arzens and Alairac


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Access and parking

Follow D18 from Carcassonne to Alairac, passing throught Maquens and Lavalette. Then follow D211 to Arzens.

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