On the tracks of its castle
By foot
On the tracks of its castle

On the tracks of its castle

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Nice loop with passages in the vineyards and in the undergrowth.

Admire beautiful views of the “Cité” and the Carcassonne area


Signs: Yellow Markings with a rectangle on top

Start from the “Avenue du Stade” at the level of the tennis courts and the equestrian centre. Go towards the “Jean Manzanarès” stadium and take the downhill path opposite. At the bottom on the right, cross the two sports fields along the houses and, at the end, go out by the “chemin de Lardern”.

At the crossroads, turn left then first right “rue des Troubadours” towards the old village. Continue straight ahead and cross the “Avenue Antoine Bardou”.

Take opposite "Place du Château", leaving the church and the castle on your right. Then go down on the left “rue des Ecureuils” and at the bottom on the right along the “Fount Guilhen” stream and its gardens.

At the corner of the fence, go up the track to the tarred road.
At the tarred road turn left and walk along the houses.

At the crossroads turn right and then immediately left “rue du Chenançon” and continue straight ahead.
At the cemetery turn right towards the “Domaine d'Audène”.
Continue on the track for 1.3 km towards the ridge, pass under the high-voltage lines.


At the top of the hill, turn left onto an earth track and pass between a power pole and a small stone hut. Go around the vineyard on the left to reach the undergrowth, which is very enjoyable in summer.

You will then have a beautiful view of the village and its vineyard. As you progress along the edge of the woods, you will be able to enjoy, in good weather, a new viewpoint opening onto the plain with the Cité de Carcassonne, the Montagne Noire and the Pic de Nore.

At the exit of the wood, take the track going down towards the road, at the level of the road turn left. You enter the village of Palaja.

At the exit of the first bend, on the right at the first tree, enter the field and go along the edge. Then enter the woods, go along a meadow and continue your progress by going down a path. Observe a "marble column" on your right in the half-light.

At the exit of the wood, leave the stone porch on your right and continue straight ahead on the road winding between the vines.

After the bridge and at the top of the hill, just before the first crossroads, turn left through the vineyard but on the right side of the ditch towards the "Estagnère" estate. Going along the plot for about 600m, you will find on your right hand side a wide path in the middle of the vines. Follow it until you reach a grove of trees and turn left.

About 120m further on, again on your right hand side, follow a small path going down through the vegetation. At the end of the bend, turn left on the steep hillside to reach the small bridge. Go up along the campsite.

Arriving at the road, you can admire in front of you the "Priory of Saint Foulc".
Return by the left to the village of Cazilhac while passing in front of the calvary.

  • Departure : CAZILHAC - Avenue du stade
  • Arrival : CAZILHAC - Avenue du stade
  • Towns crossed : Cazilhac, Cavanac, and Palaja

Altimetric profile

Access and parking

D6161 from the roundabout of lycée Charlemagne

Parking :

Parking lot of the stadium, of the equestrian centre or of the cemetery

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