Circuit of Pinsapos firs and its two lakes
By foot
Circuit of Pinsapos firs and its two lakes

Circuit of Pinsapos firs and its two lakes

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Beautiful loop that will lead you to two lakes and offers a breath-taking panorama on the "couloir audois" (Aude corridor).

The Pinsapo fir or Spanish fir has a regular pyramidal crown. It is characterized by its short, stiff needles inserted perpendicularly to the branches which evoke a bottlebrush. During the itinerary, you will be able to admire these wonderful ash-green conifers, especially between the Saint Jean Priory and the Rocher de Roland.


Signs: Yellow markings topped by a cross of the same colour

The departure is in the heart of the village of Capendu, “place de la Mairie”.  Pass in front of the post office and take the direction of Montlaur. Be careful when passing through the level crossing! Continue under the highway bridge.

After 400m/1310ft, at the first left turn, leave the road. Now enter the track starting on your right. It winds through the vineyards to the D57. Turn right again, go over the small bridge and continue for about 600m/1970ft, just after a safety rail on the right side of the road, inside the bend, go up the track.

Very pleasant walk in hot summer, under the shade of holm oaks and white oaks. At the junction of the two paths, continue on your left by following the yellow line topped by a cross.

When you reach the pass, turn right at the intersection of the paths. 
At first hidden by the vegetation, you will discover a little further up, what could be called the "couloir audois" (Aude Corridor).
From this ridge, a pause will be a good omen to observe the landscape criss-crossed by thoroughfare, the settlement of villages and, in the background, the Montagne Noire.

Much further on and while following the signs, reach a track and then at the junction of a road, turn right towards the ruins of the Miramont castle.
Continue down to the pastoral road and turn right for 1km/0.6mi. Then, on your right, take a small steep path through the undergrowth on the Marmagnes trail until you reach the Barbaira lake.
Bypass it on the left side and follow the track for 500 m.

Leave it on the right and take the path of the Pas de la Mort towards the Alaric lake (Lake of Capendu). Then take the track on the left for 2 km leading to the hamlet of "Font de Roque". Inside the hamlet, continue on the only path on the right joining the D 57.
When you get to the road,
  • Departure : CAPENDU – Parking lot « Place de la Mairie »
  • Arrival : CAPENDU – Parking lot « Place de la Mairie »
  • Towns crossed : Capendu, Val-de-Dagne, and Barbaira

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