Dawn’s footsteps (Les pas de l’Aube)

Dawn’s footsteps (Les pas de l’Aube)

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Along this itinerary, discover a whole mosaic of beautiful landscapes that man has shaped over time.

Olive trees, scrubland, rockroses, junipers and holm oaks. Further on, in the steepest parts, on the cool banks of streams, there is still the chestnut tree, an important source of income for the inhabitants in the past. Old sheepfolds recall that there was also a considerable pastoral activity.

Summits and panoramas of the black mountain


Signs: Yellow markings

Departure  Place de l'Eglise.

 Cross the bridge over the Clamoux. Turn right and then immediately left on the "Chemin de Brescou".
The path climbs between two walls and then crosses terraces with some fruit trees. Pass next to a “capitella” drystone hut.
After the scrubland, go past holm oaks and pass by the old sheepfold of "Costo Granie".

 Climb up to the crest of the Cocaillère pass. Go down slightly and turn left along the fence. Take the track on the left towards the point of view of the "Traouc de l'Oulo" in the loop of the track, beware by strong wind, this place is very exposed.
After 100m turn left and continue on the track.

 After a few meanders in the heather, turn right to go down to the stream "Belle Bruyère". Continue through the forest. Pass the brook of “Burgasse”, then a sheepfold, the brooks of “Laouzière” and “Fouzéry” to reach the road to “Serremijeanne” hamlet.

Cross and go down by the small path between the meadows and the stream.

Cross it and go up between two low walls by following the ruins of the farm of “Maïssantoul” underneath. Further on, cross the brook again and by the path, join the road and follow it for 500m.

 To take on the right the road which goes down towards the brook of “Belle Bruyère”. Pass the footbridge, go up the road from where we see the "Cabanial" and join the road in a loop.

Turn right immediately on the downhill path that cuts the loops of the road.

Join the road before the hamlet of “Laval” and carry on back towards Cabrespine.

  • Departure : CABRESPINE - Place de l'église
  • Arrival : CABRESPINE - Place de l'église
  • Towns crossed : Cabrespine


Altimetric profile


In the event of floods, the passage of streams can be dangerous or even impossible : turn left on the municipal road of Serremijeanne to reach Cabrespine.

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