The Poetry Trail (Le sentier en poésie)
By foot
The Poetry Trail (Le sentier en poésie)

The Poetry Trail (Le sentier en poésie)

Art trail
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“Ici le temps va à pied” (Here time goes on foot)

A real open-air museum dedicated to the writer Joseph Delteil in his native landscape. It's in the depths of the forest of Villar, where his father, "bouscassier", made the precious charcoal, that Joseph Delteil was born on the 20th of April 1894, at the place called "La Borie de Guillaman". In the heart of a path, once carter, between the oaks and the boxwoods, this old house was originally of a piece of work. It seemed natural to us to carry the writer's words forward in the footsteps of his childhood. Thus are born the "Poetry Trail", the path "à la Dame" and the small green theater.

The western Corbières are hills covered with scrubland and pine woods perched on balconies over the wine-growing plains.


Signs: Yellow markings

Departure from the sign of the poetry trail to the right of the bridge (parking lot) located at the entrance of the village of Villar-en-Val. Cross the bridge and take rue Joseph Delteil then first right rue de la Prade following the yellow markings.

This will take you from the tarred road to the earth track where, in rainy weather, some sections can be difficult.

 The first marker sets the atmosphere: “Ici le temps va à pied”(Here the time goes on foot)… “et ce n’est pas la peine de le rattraper” (and there is no need to catch it up). In the heart of a path, once a cart, between oaks and box trees, you will come to a fork on the road on your right: the return journey from the Path to the Lady.

After a few minutes uphill with the brook on your left, you reach a ring-tossing game.

Carry on your poetic journey on the main route. Arrive at the small green theatre, once made by the Scouts of Versailles under the direction of Mr Philippe FORCIOLI (author, composer and singer).

Go down between the low foam walls, the view is clear over the Corbières. Crossing a small bridge and a sometimes wet ground.

 Leave the forest to reach the circle of six panels and its weather vane. Then turn towards the farm and before the farm turn left down the hill.

At the crossroads turn right and then right and left again at the tarred road. The signposting will take you past a farm building on the left, then in front of a Romanesque chapel full of charm on the way back up to the village.

  • Departure : VILLAR EN VAL - Parking lot on the right of the bridge
  • Arrival : VILLAR EN VAL - Parking lot on the right of the bridge
  • Towns crossed : Villar-en-Val

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Ideal family walk in summer because it is semi-shaded, with the possibility to sit down for an improvised picnic at the green theater.

In rainy weather, delicate and slippery passages. Thank you for respecting the path, water, trees and flowers, all furry animals, feathered ones and elytra species, game and hunters, walkers and Mitoune fairies (Local Folklore).

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