The streams - Les Ruisseaux

The streams - Les Ruisseaux

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Castans, village of the Montagne Noire, is perched at the top of the Clamoux valley, where it spreads out in hamlets clinging to its flanks. As its name suggests, it is the land of the chestnut tree. It is a village nestled in the vegetation with dry stone walls, bridges, terraces and chestnut groves.

A trail dedicated to water, it crosses the river twice (La Clamoux) and strolls from stream to stream, fountain to fountain. Shady path, which winds through the forest among chestnut, oak and beech trees.


Signs: Yellow markings

Departure from the Cayac parking lot in Laviale (Castans). Go up by the tarred road. At the first junction, go down on the right by the stairs, then turn left. We go up gently in the undergrowth.

At the top, under an overhanging house, turn right until you reach the Cloutels stream. Cross it by a bridge made of two imposing stones and turn right at the first junction, then left at the second.

At the next junction (La Goussatiéro), follow the path that gently descends towards La Clamoux to where it receives the stream of Aiguebelle.

Cross the river by a wooden footbridge and go up opposite to the track. Turn right for 300m. Leave it on the right for a path that goes down, passes the ruins of Perga-Bas and joins the Réalpo stream.

Cross the stone bridge and carry on for 800m, then take a small path on the right which descends for 100m and goes up on the left to Quintaine. In the hamlet, turn right onto a paved path that runs down along a garden, crosses the road and continues to Lafargue. Take the road on the left to cross the hamlet and cross the river.

Go up on the other bank, cross the road and climb up in front of the chapel.

Continue on the grassy path that joins the road. Take it on the right and cross the hamlet of Laviale passing in front of the fountain-lavoir and its strange calvary, then up past the town hall. After the inn, go up to the right to find the parking lot.

  • Departure : CASTANS – Parking lot of Cayac in the hamlet Laviale
  • Arrival : CASTANS – Parking lot of Cayac in the hamlet Laviale
  • Towns crossed : Castans


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Pleasant for a family outting especially in summer to find the freshness of water and undergrowth.

Access and parking

D112 – D9. From Carcassonne by Villeneuve-Minervois and Cabrespine ; From Mazamet by Pradelles-Cabardès.

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